Charlie's Friends
Facts about Charlie


Charlie gives "kisses", especially to little children, can shake hands, roll over, and do other demeaning tricks that his "pets" request of him. Charlie is very patient and loving. Ayden (photo above) reciprocates with a kiss to a very surprised Charlie.

Charlie tore both ACl's (anterior cruciate ligaments) when he was one year old, the second two months after the first, and underwent extensive surgery. He has an unusual walk but he can run, play, and have fun with his friends. (See how you can become one of Charlie's friends).

Charlie lived in Jacksonville, Oregon, where he took his "pets", Bruce and Kathy, on hour long twice a day walks.  Invariably Charlie managed to direct the walk to historic downtown Jacksonville to meet his friends.

Charlie's "pet", Bruce, was the Mayor of Jacksonville.  Charlie was friends with the City Administrator, Editor of the Jacksonville Review, Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, business owners, Rotary District Governors, and many other notables. Charlie has been featured in the Jacksonville Review (the local newspaper), been on TV, and has marched in the Jacksonville Chinese New Year's, Victorian Christmas, Oregon State Sesquicentennial and Jacksonville's Sesquicentennial parades. 

September 2010 Charlie led the pack in the First Annual Gary West Meat's "Running of the Dog's." Charlie also participated in the annual Jacksonville "Mutt Strut" sponsored by the Jacksonville Veterinary Hospital.

  • Charlie is male Newfoundland.

  • He was about 8 years old.  We think he was born in December 2002. He was about 4 months old when we got him from a family who couldn't keep him.

  • At four months Charlie was bigger than a full grown black lab and weighed 95 pounds.

  • Charlie is as big as a bear.  A small black bear went through the neighborhood and folks thought it was Charlie loose.  Fortunately they realized their mistake before getting too close.

  • Charlie is bigger than many small horses.

  • Charlie is very social and loves to meet people.  He often takes his "pets" to town to visit.

  • Charlie didn't eat much, maybe 4 - 5 cups of food a day. He prefered people food and stopped eating when he is no longer hungry.

  • Charlie's favorite foods included a variety of meats, broccoli, baked and fried potatoes, pizza, spaghetti and meatballs, sauerkraut and wieners, and most anything else that his "pets" ate.

  • Charlie passed away October 1, 2010.  He had osteosarcoma and was in a great deal of pain.

    See Notes and Cards to Charlie

    Click here to order a professionally done photograph of Charlie from his photographer, David Gibb.

Facts about Newfoundlands

One of the earlier breeds, Newfoundland's, also called Newf's or Newfies, can be traced back to the 1600's.  Originally used as children's guard dogs to wealthy owners, Nana in Peter Pan, is a wonderful example, the Newfoundland's were also used to pull carts and transport supplies for traders.

Newfies are also known for their love of water and lifesaving abilities in water rescue.  Charlie went to great lengths trying to "save" the children who were playing in the neighbor's pool.

Newfoundlands are a gentle, loving dog.  They are not aggressive but are very protective of their owners and children.

The Newfoundland Club of America is a wonderful resource of information about Newfoundlands. Other sources of information include the Dog Owner's Guide and also The American Kennel Club.

Visit the Pacific Northwest Newfoundland Club for information about Newfoundlands and much more.

Newfoundlands are not for everyone.  Newfies have a lot of hair that needs to be brushed and picked up and they can be droolers.  If slobber, mixed with a little hair, stuck to the wall about six feet from the floor bothers you please consider another breed.  

If you think you may want a newfie in your family please consider a Rescue Newfoundland.  Newfoundland Rescue is one organization dedicated to the preservation and the advancement of the Newfoundland.  The Pacific Northwest Newfoundland Club may have rescue Newf's available to qualified homes. Newfies are great dogs but they are not for everyone.  Newfies want to be a part of your family and not left outdoors or in a kennel with an occasional visit. Newfoundlands will change your life with their love.

Read more about Rescue Newfoundlands and meet Kaydin.