More Notes
From Charlie's Friends

(Photo Below - Bruce & Kaydin)


>>> I was so sorry to hear of Charlie's passing. He is in heaven chasing my cat Bob that I held in my arms a month ago when she went to heaven. I cried like a baby and know how you feel. And this cat didn't even like me like your dog I know loved you two. You will forever miss him because he touched your life in such a great way. My great sympathies. ~ Becky

>>> Bruce & Kathy, Our thoughts are with you both and of course Charlie. It is sad news and we know a difficult time. Having had some wonderful dogs we know how special they are and how important they are in our lives. Take care of each other and know that you have given Charlie a wonderful home, much joy, and shared him with a community. ~ Mary & Dirk

>>> Charlie, and those who love him, We are so sorry that you are faced with this. Charlie remains a topic of conversation at our house, and I feel fortunate that we were able to meet him face to face. We are wishing you all well and know that you will do what needs to be done to keep Charlie content. Love, ~ The Routsongs

>>> I am so sorry to hear about your loss. We only met Charlie once, but fell absolutely in love with him. Our thoughts are with you. ~ Tracy

>>> Mom and dad just told me about Charlie. I just wanted to let you know that I love you and I know how hard this is and how much harder it will be... Let me know if you need anything. ~ Molly

>>> Oh, Bruce, I am really sorry to hear this. I know how much Charlie means to you. You'll be in my thoughts during this difficult time. ~ Love, Sarah

>>> I am so sorry to hear this! Poor Charlie! Keep us posted on him... ~ Magan OH, we are so sorry! That is sad! :( ~ John, Magan, Jackson, Mattie Claire, & Margaret E.

>>> Oh, Kathy, we are so sad to hear this! Yesterday we finally saw our neighbor as we haven't run into her in quite a while. She told us she lost her Newfoundland Gus in July. He was only 3 1/2. But she was walking with her friend and 2 black Newfoundlands as she just adopted the male. He is 4 and looks just like Charlie (although Charlie is bigger). So we talked all about Charlie. Please tell Bruce we are so sorry. And know that you were the best parents to Charlie and gave him a wonderful life. ~ Love, John and Sharon :(

>>> Bruce, My sincerest sympathy on Charlie’s struggles. I walked this path many years ago and I understand how very difficult is for you. Please keep me posted. My very best to Kathy. ~ J

>>> Hi Kathy- My prayers will be with you and your husband and Charlie this afternoon. ~ Liz

>>> Hello to you all; Bruce, Kathy and Charlie, Charlie, you know I love you more than most. Daddy even has a picture of us kissing at a Rotary party! You are my big man and you will be in my prayers.

>>> Bruce and Kathy... I've been through this with my beloved Buster, and as I said to Bruce, you've got to think of Charlie and his comfort, not your pain of losing a beloved member of your family. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers:) If there is ANYTHING I can do, please don't hesitate to ask. ~ Love to you all, Jill

>>> Love you, Charlie. Don't worry, we'll take care of Mom and Dad:) Say "Hi" to Buster for us. You both are missed very much. Brad & Jill

>>> Hello from Arizona, We are saddened to hear about Charlie. We hope that you are able to keep him comfortable so that you can enjoy each other’s company for as long as possible. Our pets are a member of the family and it is difficult to lose any family member. Steve & Audrey

>>> Thanks for letting us know about this sad circumstance....I have suspected something of this nature for a while as I have observed him. We ALL love Charlie and know YOU both will do what is best for him. ~ Rick K.

>>> We ALL loved Charlie.........he will be missed and remembered fondly. ~ Rick K

>>> We are very sorry to hear about Charlie. It's one of those times that I can't express my feelings to you but if we can help in any way please ask. Our LOVE is with you. ~ Steve and Tonya

>>> We are very sorry to hear about CHARLIE. Our prayers are with you and Kathy.

>>>We are so sorry to hear about Charlie. We hope the time he has left is as pain free and enjoyable as possible. ~ John and Bylle

>>> Soooo Sorry. ~ Jan W.

>>>Bruce. I just got off the phone with Kathy and she told me about Charlie. I am so sorry to hear such bad news. I know how much you love him and how much he is apart of your life. If you are able, try to just remember the wonderful times you both have spent together. I will keep you both in my prayers and please let me know if their is anything that I can do to help. If you need to talk, I always have an open ear. He will always have a big warm place in all our hearts. ~ Blessings Carolyn

>>>Bruce & Kathy, We are very sorry for the loss of your fabulous Charlie. We know how sad and painful it is to lose a beloved pet and family member. They enrich our lives so much. ~ Wes, Mona and Jake Hartman (we forwarded the picture to Jake at OSU)

>>> Sorry to hear that, Bruce. It is hard to lose a good dog. Hope you are doing well enough. Glad that he was able to lead a parade in his last few days. ~ Paul M.

>>> Dear Bruce and Kathy, We send our condolences to you. Animals can be such friends and part of the family. We'll miss him too. ~ Lovingly, Art and Pamela

>>> Bruce and Kathy, We were so sorry to hear the news. ~ Joan and Richard

>>> Charlie was one special dog and will be missed by so many who enjoyed seeing him walk around town. I am so sorry for your loss... ~ Nancy

>>> We are in Southern Calif. on the beach; but our thoughts and hearts are with you two. We will miss Charlie. Hope to see you in Sisters in November. ~ Hal and Francie

>>> Bruce and Kathy, We are so, so sad to hear about Charlie. And we know how hard it was for you to spread the word to all of Charlie's dear friends--each time you tell someone it hurts. A few years ago we went through the same sadness with our own Charlie (that was his name too), the uncle of the two collies we have now. At nine, he went away too young and too quickly. And like your Charlie, he was the big dog of our old neighborhood, friend to everyone he met. It was hard to break the news, but we finally decided to take Charlie's old walk through the neighborhood and tell people along the way. Whew--I think email would have been better! With drier eyes, anyway!

We're sure you'll be hearing the phrase, "Get a puppy," from many people. And it's good advice--a puppy definitely helps to fill the hole in your heart...although it never completely fills that particular space. So take your time and grieve--Charlie deserves it. And THEN go out and get the puppy. Or an older dog. Whatever critter you take home will be a lucky dog. Even if it doesn't wind up being the biggest dog in the Pacific Northwest!

If Jacksonville ever gets its dog park, it'd be only fitting to name it after the big guy, don't you think?

Please let us know if there's anything we can do. We're thinking of you. ~ Your friends, Terry, Paula, Shadow and Mandy

>>> Bruce and Kathy, So sorry to hear about my buddy Charlie. I am glad he is out of pain. He will be missed in town but always remembered. I have been wearing his shirt for the past couple of days. Rest in Peace Charlie. Thanks, ~ David G.

>>>So sorry Bruce and Kathy for your loss. How lucky Charlie was to have the wonderful life you gave him. He will really be missed by this town. ~ Jo P.

>>> Luann and I are very sorry to hear about the passing of Charlie. I hope that the pain will past fast and your happy memories will last forever. If I can help someway let me know. ~ Brian

>>> I’m so very sorry Bruce and Kathy. I know how very difficult it is to lose a wonderful companion! ~ Sending hugs,Judi

>>> Bruce, My heart hurts for you and Kathy. That big boy will be missed. ~ Love, Deb

>>> Bruce – I’m so sorry to hear of Charlie’s passing. I know nothing I say will make the sadness pass. I’m sure you already know how much you and he were loved and looked for each and every day you two would go walking. The sadness will pass in time, but the cherished memories will go on forever. Our condolences, ~ Bob & Terri B

>>> So sorry to hear about this I just heard that he was sick last week. Our hearts go out to you both and will keep you in our prayers. ~ Bill and Mark

>>> Dear Bruce & Kathy, Our thoughts are with you! More later. ~ Love, Jim & Charlene

>>>Bruce, Kathy, We are sorry to hear about big, loveable Charlie. He never met a stranger and was always willing to say hi to everyone. Our town won't seem the same without Charlie. We're thinking of you. ~ Maurie, Ginny and Kozmo

>>> We are so sorry to hear about your beloved Charlie’s passing. We never got to meet your handsome boy! We are hoping someday you will open your hearts up for another dog. ~ Love,Chad and Sonya

>>> Bruce, Sorry to hear about Charlie; He was a great dog. ~ Glen

>>> Bruce and Kathy - I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing Charlie with us all these years. He was beautiful! My prayers are with you both! ~ Cordy

>>> Dear Bruce and Kathy~ We are so saddened to hear about Charlie's passing. He was our friend and neighbor and he will be missed by all of us! We wanted to let you know that not seeing him on his daily and nightly walks will be a void in our day! Our hearts and prayers go out to you. ~ Sincerely, The Poitevints

>>>Oh Bruce, I’m so very sorry to hear of Charlie’s passing. I’m so happy to have had an opportunity to befriend such a wonderful dog. He will be sorely missed. ~ Alice

>>> Bob and I have been away for two weeks and have just learned of Charlie's passing. We are so sorry! Charlie was not only your and Kathy's beloved friend, but he was also Jacksonville's mascot. He will be much missed by so many. ~ With sympathy, Carolyn

>>> Bruce, Our sincerest condolences. ~ John A.

>>> So sorry to hear about Charlie. Corinne and Conley just thought he was the coolest dog ever!!! They considered him Jacksonville's mascot, he will be missed. Thoughts and prayers with you guys during this difficult time. ~ Roger, Devera, Corinne, and Conley

>>> Dear Bruce, I am very sorry to hear that your pal and dear friend passed away. I have had 3 die in my arms and know how devastating that can be. I now have 2 dogs, Pokey (a 28 month English Setter) and Scottie (a 13 year old mixed breed that we brought from Taiwan); 2 years ago, Scottie had to be taken to the vet, due to cancer throughout his body and could hardly breath. The vets thought surgery was the answer, we said no and asked for Gods support. Looks like He answered as Scottie is fine with no signs of cancer. Again, our thoughts are on Charlie, you and your family. ~ Dick

>>> Bruce and Kathy, My sympathy to you and we will miss Charlie very Much. Every Blessing ~ Richard

>>> Charlie, I was happy to see your dad yesterday and see that he is doing ok and hear that your mom is doing ok too. They miss you a lot – of course - I sniffed around your yard, hope that was ok – I wanted to thank you for the dog biscuits. I love them and will think of you when I eat them. You will be missed by many including me. I remember when we had our picture taken together - you, big and black – me, little and white. I hope the place you are in now is beautiful and has lots of paths for you to venture down. ~ Love from, Nehemiah

>>> Blessings to your family. Everyone will miss him. ~ Luv C

>>> We are so sorry to hear this news about your dog and best friend. What a beautiful photo of him sitting outside in the snow. We completely understand how you feel and our hearts go out to you. Our dogs mean so much to us, and Bailey, our female, has multiple health problems. I will be devastated when she goes. I sure hope the pain meds continue to help. Charlie remains in your good hands and good care for now, which must be very comforting to him. ~ Carrie and Denny

>>> We loved Charlie! Hi Bruce and Kathy, I heard the news yesterday from Erin at Jacksonville Barn Company. All of us at Gary West are so sorry to hear of your loss. Charlie was truly a special pup. Thanks for being so open and transparent in this time. We are here if you need us for anything. All of our warmest wishes, ~ CalebGary West