Charlie's Friends

Charlie, a Newfoundland, would have been 8 years old (in December 2010).  He liked to play in the water and meet people, usually in that order.   (Read more Charlie facts).

Charlie was a "Rescue Newf."  Bruce and Kathy got him from a family that couldn't keep him when he was about four months old.  At four months Charlie weighed 95 pounds. (Read more about Rescue Newfoundlands and also meet Kaydin.)

Charlie lived in historic Jacksonville, Oregon. Invariably Charlie managed to direct his walks downtown to meet his friends.

Charlie  Click here to order a professionally done photograph of Charlie from his photographer, David Gibb.
Sesquicentennial parade
Jacksonville, OR
Sesquicentennial Parade
Charlie with one of his many Friends

Charlie Passes On

September 27, 2010 we found out that Charlie had osteosarcoma (bone cancer).  There is no cure and his vet thought he might have four months left to live. Charlie's left front leg was swollen after walking in the many parades that day.

Charlie passed away Friday, October 1, 2010.  He was in a great deal of pain.  His vet, Dr. Brad Frank, Jacksonville Veterinary Hospital came by the house.  Charlie was in the front yard, a favorite place of his, with his family, Bruce and Kathy, and his friends, Rick Murdoch; Brad Frank, vet; and Todd Webb, vet tech.

Charlie passed away peacefully, finally free from pain. Charlie was greatly loved.  He brought a great deal of happiness to his family and friends.

Charlie wanted to let everyone know that although he won’t be seen on the streets of Jacksonville anymore, that Jacksonville is in his heart and soul.

Charlie also wanted to thank Dr. Tami Rogers of the Jacksonville Veterinary Hospital. Charlie was Dr. Rogers’ first patient on her first day.

He also wanted to thank all of his friends who sent emails, cards, condolences, and flowers for their thoughtfulness towards Bruce and Kathy.

Good bye Charlie, we miss you.

See Notes and Cards from Charlie's friends. Visit Charlie's friends who have joined him in doggie heaven

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Kaydin and friend at the doggie park.
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More of Kaydin's friends at the annual Jacksonville Christmas tree lighting
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